The Next Umbrella

The best solution for urban travellers

Who would enjoy carrying a big, dripping umbrella through the lobby, on to the elevator, into the office or around a mall?


Kjaro umbrella uses a self-draining case to prevent this hassle, giving you a small, neat package that’s easy to carry and is equipped with the first fill & empty drop case (patent no. EP 2736 371 B1).


Kjaro’s package is small and portable. The case has a clip to easily attach it to backpacks, handbags, or any available belt or shoulder straps.


Home – Features

Compact and light
Wind resistant
Water proof
Quality workmanship
Fill-Empty Drops Case
Ergonomic handle
Magnetics Winding Band
Shoulder strap
Squared Plastic Tips

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The next generation umbrella!

Customize and buy your Kjaro from our online shop: choose the colour from the exclusive Kjaro collection. Select the perfect mix of colours for your case, umbrella skin and handle. Dozens of options are possible!

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Home – Designed to last

Kjaro is 100% made in Italy and is designed to offer maximum protection and comfort in any weather condition.

Through the best engineering techniques and a distinctive design, Kjaro is the perfect combination of durability and urban style.

Whether you are looking for a compact umbrella for urban travellers or a sophisticated accessory for everyday life, we’ve got you covered.

Home – Wear as you like

Wear as you like

You can wear your Kjaro just after its use; it’s adaptable to every situation and style. Use the shoulder strap or hook it to your bag and don’t worry about getting wet- Kjaro doesn’t drip!

Home – User Review



I immediately felt in love with it! Very, very happy with the quality!



Received my two Kjaro’s yesterday. It’s a really well made product which looks very nice and sturdy enough to resist some heavy weather.



Very nice details: the fill-empty drops case works perfectly! The magnetic lock works well when you get the hang out of how to properly close it. I really like the product and I’m happy to have bought it!