About Us

Angelo Vadruccio


Kjaro, the innovative umbrella equipped with a fill-empty drop case, was an idea developed by Angelo Vadruccio.

During a rainy day in Milan’s subway, he observed how difficult it is to get around with a wet umbrella and how problematic the instant you step inside an indoor space with a wet and dripping umbrella can be.

Angelo had a solution in his mind to tackle this very specific problem: how can one deal with a wet, dripping umbrella once the storm is over or you have a roof over your head?

He gathered a group of Italian designers to develop a practical, tailor-made, fashionable umbrella, equipped with the first fill-empty drop case (Patent no. EP 2736 371 B1). The waterproof case, which can be easily opened and closed using a zip, contains a structure which allows the umbrella to be put away, even when soaking wet, preventing the water from leaking out.

In order to bring this project to life, he asked support to the Kickstarter community, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Kjaro’s project reached the funding objective and convinced over 1.000 backers who pledged over €89,000.

Today Kjaro operates through a commercial office in Milano and a production center in Abruzzo, where Italian artisans are working hard to perfect Kjaro and to ensure that this umbrella will always be technologically abreast without compromising its design.

The next generation umbrella!