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Our customer service is at your complete disposal for any concerns or questions from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18:00 (CET). You can contact us by sending an email to the following email address:

Guide to Purchase

You can purchase up to a maximum of 4 products in a single order.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order in one country and request delivery in another.

Once all steps of your order have been confirmed, it is no longer possible to cancel it but you may exercise your right of withdrawal within 10 days of receiving the shipment. Kjaro reserves the right to cancel the order if it is not possible to verify the information regarding the shipping address and invoice data. Moreover, Kjaro has the ability to cancel orders that we consider to have been made in order for the purchaser to resell the items. If the order has been cancelled by Kjaro, obviously no charges will be made.

If the product selected is not available in the warehouse, you will not be able to purchase it. However, you can give us your email address in order to be contacted when the product is available.

Countries and Delivery Time

Items can only be shipped in the same country from which they were ordered:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Korea, Republic of
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

The shipping fees are the following:

Country Shipping fee
Italy 5,00 €
EU, US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea 9,00 €
All other countries 25,00 €

No, shipping costs are charged for shipment and not for individual product. Then, for each shipment, whether it contains one product or four products, the cost will not change.

It is possible to ship to an address that is different than the orderer’s or the billing address, as long as it is located in the same country in which the order is made.

It is not possible to indicate an exact delivery date and/or time. All shipments are made through delivery services that deliver throughout the day according to their own logistics and over which Kjaro has no influence. Therefore, you should give a shipping address where someone is always present to receive the package.

Billing and Payment

Payment for your online purchase may be made exclusively by credit card VISA, American Express or MasterCard or through PayPal.

The amount of your order will be charged to your credit card when your order is placed.

Yes, if the invoice is not attached with the shipping documents, in compliance with your national regulations, you can request it by sending an email to:

Our prices already include VAT. On the invoice you will receive, the price and VAT will be shown separately.

Our prices don’t include customs duties, they will depend on orders country and they will payed by the addresses.

Security and Privacy

In order to guarantee maximum peace of mind, Kjaro uses a “secure payment” system: your credit card data are protected since they are sent directly to the bank. From the bank they are then connected to the international authorization circuits which send back the transaction results and confirm whether or not the payment was completed. In this manner, no external person outside of the credit card entity that manages the payment can have access to your credit card information. Moreover, protection is reinforced by the use of the most wide-spread security system for data encryption.

Kjaro is committed to insuring that your personal data remain secure and are not used in any inappropriate manner. To learn more on how your privacy is protected, we invite you to visit the section entitled “Privacy & Legal Informations” within the website.

Returns and Right to Cancel

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product, provided that it is complete, has not been used and still has its original product packaging and label; you can return it within 14 days of receiving the goods. The invoice amount for the returned product or products will be refunded, excluding shipping charges.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange the product you have purchased online. You must complete the process for making the return, and at the same time, proceed with another purchase on the online shop.

To return a product, see step 7 of the Sales Conditions page. Use the original packaging to resend the merchandise to the Kjaro address and be sure to close it securely. Use a box that is the same in size and strength only if the original packaging is unusable. Damaged products will not be accepted as returns, even if caused by inadequate packaging or carriers. Shipping costs in case of simple returns will not be refunded. Shipments done in a different manner than those indicated or shipped C.O.D. will not be accepted. It is not possible to exchange an item or items ordered.

You will not have to pay in order to return your purchase if it is damaged: return shipping and its reshipment will be entirely at Kjaro’s expense. If, instead, you want to simply return a purchased item, the return shipment costs will be at your expense.

After we have received the returned item and verified that the return process was correct, we will send you a confirmation email. The refund depends upon the credit card company used for payment. It usually takes place within two billing periods.

Warranty and Repairs

Consumers have the rights granted to the “consumers” by article 130 of Legislative Decree n.206 of 2005; such rights must be exercised in accordance to the terms provided for by article 132 of the above mentioned Decree.

During the warranty period, if you notice any defects in material and/or manufacturing, the damaged item may be returned at Kjaro’s who will repair it or, if necessary, replace it. Before sending the damaged item, you must complete the procedure in step 7 of the Sales Conditions page. We will not accept returns if directly send to Kjaro without an authorization number issued directly by Kjaro. For more information and assistance, you can contact our customer service:

Even though Kjaro products are made according to rigorous quality standards and with the highest quality materials, they are not indestructible. Kjaro is innovative and its technology will keep all water drops inside the case and its tank. But don’t forget that Kjaro is not magical and it’s not self drying.

If you forget your Kjaro wet inside the case for long time, like every fabrics can form mildew, like every metal parts can form rust; these damages are not covered by warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment, accidents, abrasions, inappropriate use, solvents, use or damages caused by carriers.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by direct exposure to heat sources.

The warranty also does not cover accidental damage such as breakage or loss, loss of usage or time or other not quantifiable costs.

If the product is not under warranty, repairs can still be done provided that they are paid for and that the piece to be replaced is available. Kjaro will send a bid of the cost for approval. No repair outside of warranty will be done without your consent.

Repair times vary based on the amount of merchandise and the nature of the repair. Warranty repairs are completed in approximately 40 days from receipt of the item by Kjaro. On the other hand, for those items not under warranty, Kjaro can begin repair work only after written approval of the bid, that was sent to you, has been received by Kjaro.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To properly clean the purchased product, so that it lasts as long as possible, we suggest you follow these simple suggestions.

For cleaning fabric/eco-friendly leather/synthetic, we recommend using a damp sponge with a neutral soap. Do not apply soap or water directly on the product. Rub the fabric gently, rinse with a clean damp sponge, then blot with a cotton cloth. Let the fabric air dry, avoiding any direct contact with heat or the sun. If after cleaning there are light streaks or colour zones that are slightly different, perform the procedure on a larger surrounding area so that the item has a uniform look. To avoid streaks or colour loss, do not use chemical products or solvents of any type. Do not expose the product to direct heat. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Leather is a “live” material, therefore small imperfections, spots or grains represent a characteristic of the leather and guarantee the absence of unnatural coatings. To maintain the original characteristics of the leather we recommend that you use only specific liquid products made out of neutral wax that do not contain solvents, fuels or alcohol for cleaning. Use a small amount of the product on a soft cloth, never apply directly to the leather, and apply it delicately to the part needed with small circular movements. Do not immerse the product in water. In case of contact with water, dry it quickly, blotting it with a dry cotton cloth, without rubbing. Do not expose the product to direct heat. Do not iron. Remember that after repeated rubbing on clothing, leather may leave traces of colour.

Kjaro is made with hight quality materials but don’t forget that it’s not magical and it’s not self drying. To keep your Kjaro in top conditions, do not forget to empty the tank and leave your umbrella open for a fully natural drying after every use.

Sure, if the technical specifications meet the requirements mentioned.

The current size of the case may contain umbrellas with a maximum dimension of:

  • Height: max 23 cm (measuring the umbrella, when closed and folded, from the tip to the beginning of the handle);
  • Circumference: max 18 cm (measured with closed and folded umbrella)